Reasons to File Chapter 7

1.  Your income is not over median family income for your household size.  Median income is approximately: $50,000 for a household of 1, $60,000 for a household of 2, $67,000 for a household of 3, $79,000 for a household of 4, $89,000 for a household of 5.  We can sometimes qualify people for Chapter 7 even if they make over median income.

2.  You do not have non-exempt assets that a Chapter 7 Trustee will take and sell.  Exemption law is complex but we have the expertise to protect your assets.

3.  You do not have regular income but still need to file bankruptcy.

4.  To discharge certain qualified aged tax debts to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

5.  You do not have a pending personal injury claim.