Reasons to File Chapter 13

1.  Your income is over median family income for your household size.  Median income is approximately: $50,000 for a household of 1, $60,000 for a household of 2, $67,000 for a household of 3, $79,000 for a household of 4, $89,000 for a household of 5.  We are sometimes able to qualify people for Chapter 7 bankruptcy even if they make over median income.

2.  You have non-exempt assets to protect that a Chapter 7 Trustee will otherwise take and sell.  Exemption law is complex but our exemption expertise will be put to work to protect your assets.

3.  You have regular income that enables you to make regular monthly plan payments.

4.  You want to repay non-dischargeable back taxes to the U. S. Treasury Internal Revenue Service (IRS) without penalties and interest.

5.  You have a pending personal injury claim that you want to retain control over.

6.  You owe joint debts or property settlement debts to or with a former spouse from a divorce that would not be dischargeable in Chapter 7 but are dischargeable through the Chapter 13 super-discharge.

7.  You want to save your home from foreclosure or avoid a vehicle repossession and need bankruptcy protection to catch up arrears.

8.  You can easily back out of a Chapter 13 case by dismissing it unlike in Chapter 7.

9.  You have a wholly unsecured second mortgage that you want stripped off which you can't do in Chapter 7.

10.  You need the Chapter 13 super-discharge to discharging fines or penalties to the government ordebts arising from willful or malicious injury.